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Drive shafts and couplings for the Petro-Chemical industry

To connect various components together, flexible drive shafts and couplings are essential elements. Back in the 1980’s BIS introduced the (nearly all) composite Addax – Rexnord and Amarillo drive shafts in Europe. The shafts are made of glass and/or carbon fibre reinforced epoxies (filament wound). Flexible elements and flanges are composites too. Motor and gearbox hubs are made of 316SS. Bolts and nuts are also SS316 or monel.

This concept makes an extremely light-weight, corrosion resistant, torsional dampening and easy to handle drive shaft system possible for shaft separations (DBSE’s) of over 6 meter without intermediate bearings. Shafts are dynamically balanced and natural frequency analyses are performed in order to avoid unwanted / excessive vibrations. Also carbon fibre intermediate shafts for cardan joints can be supplied as well as an extensive range of short couplings.

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